Security is something that all of us should be concerned about, but very few of us care about until it's too late. The truth is, it's actually quite easy to keep your Wolf Howl account secure. We've compiled a few quick tips in this thread to help you!

1. Use a secure password. This is a password that is eight characters or more, difficult to guess, and uses a combination of: letters, numbers, and symbols.

2. Enable two-factor authentication. Got a phone? You can use it to make sure that nobody gets into your precious Wolf Howl account! Visit to set it up!


3. Associate your Keybase account. If you've got Keybase, open up the app and go to your profile. Click the button labeled "Add more identities" and then search for; select it and then follow the instructions. A linked Keybase account makes it easier for staff to recover your Wolf Howl account if it is ever compromised.

4. Associate your Kinmunity account. If you're on KM, go to your profile and and edit it.You will notice an "Affiliated Accounts" section. Enter your Wolf Howl username there without the @ symbol in front. (Go to and click the "Edit Profile" link on the right.)

Then, Go to your Wolf Howl profile and under profile metadata, enter "Kinmunity" as the title and a link to your Kinmunity proflile as the value. (

Congrats! You're linked!

5. Routinely change your password. Every three months, you should probably pick a brand new password. This reduces the amount of time a data breach can be utilized against you.

6. Only access Wolf Howl on your own device. You cannot trust a public computer or phone to be safe, so don't.

7. Don't share your Wolf Howl account with anybody. Do not login using your credentials anywhere else but - staff will never ask for your password!

8. Ensure that any device you use is properly secured. You should probably use an anti-virus program of some type, and ensure that you don't engage in any risky behavior online. If your device gets compromised, your online accounts can be as well.

9. Report any accounts which violate our terms of use. We have the report tool for a reason. Someone on Wolf Howl posting spam may actually be a bot that has compromised a legitimate user account. Our staff team can help with such matters.

10. Follow the direction of our staff team. Wolf Howl staff are here to keep the server safe. They will not steer you wrong when it comes to account safety and security.

Thank you for listening! Keep on howling!


@staff if you are using a secure password, the only place it could be breached would be here. Changing passwords that aren't being reused is typically overkill if you have no reason to suspect otherwise

@mlubert @staff Hi; I’m Naia and am an administrator on this instance. Users often reuse passwords and we don’t pretend otherwise. ;)

@naia @staff oh I'm not saying that's not the case, I'm just saying it's not inherently necessary for password hygiene if you're using different ones on every site.

If you think your password might be compromised or if you reuse them, then yeah changing them is probably a really good idea.

@mlubert @staff In an ideal universe, users would use a nice password manager which employs strong crypto, use a decent master password for it, and different randomly generated passwords on each service they use. They’d also use hardware keys for 2FA on these services. However... we live in a world where “password” still tops the most commonly used passwords list.

@naia @staff truth! I'm hoping SQRL gets finished soon and is added to Mastodon (or if Pleroma it'll make me switch). But yeah I'm amazed all of the giant companies have made ZERO progress or even attempted to solve passwords.

@mlubert @staff I don’t think it’s just companies, sadly. Staff members of Kinmunity and Wolf Howl are required to use 2FA on their account. This has been a requirement of Kinmunity for years. A lot of our staff are moderators or admins on other sites within our niche and have “been around” the internet in general. The fact we had such as a requirement enforced by software was a culture shock to most of them.

@mlubert @staff I’ve found that human beings and infosec best practices generally go in different directions and rarely do they ever cross paths or meet.

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