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I'm Naia Ōkami; I administrate the Mastodon instance and co-administrate the Pleroma instance. I will work with other instance admins to maintain civility on the fediverse; just direct me if need be.

This is my main account on the fediverse, and I generally use it for blogging as well as interacting with others.

I tend to be blunt and brutally honest in my awoos, so if that bothers you, feel free to not follow me.

Keep on howling!

2. I *LOVE* Yubikeys. Hardware Tokens are the best form of 2FA. I use my key as my 2nd factor in WebAuthN mode wherever permitted. I also it to store my TOTP secrets. My GPG key is also hosted on it, and I use it to login to SSH. I even have one of my slots configured for challenge/response auth, where it is a second factor in unlocking my drive. Yubikey actions can be pin-protected... You can also set the NDEF tag to a nice webpage explaining to return the key if it's found.


This thread will explain some of my basic security practices, why I use them, and why you should use them. We'll start with the VERY basics.

1. I use a different password on every service. This took a lot of discipline and use of a good password manager, but as of yesterday, I have finally made it a practice. This is EXTREMELY important because if one service suffers from a breach, the information is useless to them.

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You better believe I just bought Sonic The Hedgehog Leggings. AWOO~~~

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After consideration, the following action will be taken:

> All bot accounts operating on have been silenced; including @admin

The instance itself will not be silenced or suspended.

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I finally moved all my 2FA TOTP tokens to my on services where WebAuthN is not supported. I'm really happy to ditch and still feel that I can keep my tokens safe and secure.


Fun fact: Naia from five years ago would not he threatening to block people. She would be threatening to suspend them and potentially defederate the instance that hosts them. Give credit where it’s due.

The DoS attack was against a months-unused service running on ikari. This service has been disabled and all traffic to its port has been stopped. Problem solved?

wait, should I content warning that? Is this how Mastodon culture works?

"It's not over 'til the fat lady sings."
And this wolf girl's got some ball gags and duct tape. Let's go.

My love affair with the "ban" button has lost its spark over the years and is now pretty much non-existent, but that's because I found my true love -- the block button. Quite simply, it is my right to tune unwanted content or people out. Just because somebody had a shitty life and are pessimistic about situations due to it, does not mean they have a right to bring me down -- nor does it mean that my situation resembles theirs in any way. I choose to be hopeful and happy.

If you are told your opinion is unwanted, continuing to @ the person who told you such is a really good way to get blocked. I run an instance on the Fediverse for the same reason I originally created Kinmunity - it's a place for me to belong. If you prove yourself to not belong on my timeline, you will rightfully be removed from it.

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